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Scar tissue revision and mini-treatments

Scar tissue revision and mini-treatments

If you are self-conscious about a scar which would normally be camouflaged by hair, you don't have to live with it.  The Panno Clinic uses the very latest transplant techniques that make it possible to graft hair follicles to the affected area to cover the scar. Hair transplant is a constantly evolving science and many advances have been made, so that it is now possible to transplant hair on to scar tissue to cover scars you may have had from birth, injuries, burns, previous transplant procedures and more.

Using this type of treatment promotes continued hair growth in the scar tissue but not quite as dense as hair growing on normal tissue due to the lack of elasticity and blood supply in the skin. It may take a few more sessions and you will need to take greater care during recovery, but all the same, the result will be natural and healthy hair.

Dr. Panno's scar tissue transplants can cover…

  • Scars from birth
  • Injury scars
  • Burns
  • Previous transplant scars

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