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Hair Transplant Specialist in Marbella

"Hair is the most visible indicator of health." Dr. E Panno

The Panno Clinic was founded by Dr. Ezequiel Panno, one of the best hair transplant specialists in Spain, is a leading centre for hair transplants in Marbella Spain. He is recognised amongst his medical peers for developing a pioneering invisible suture technique – known as the Panno Technique - and his meticulous attention to detail, making him a leader in his field.

Over the last 15 years he has carried out more than 10,000 hair treatments, of which 7,000 were hair transplant procedures; restoring hair to heads, beards, eyebrows and camouflage for medical scars, he is one of the best hair transplant doctors in the world.

Dr. Panno qualified in his native Argentina and received his medical licence from University H.A. Barceló, Buenos Aires in 2004. Once he was qualified to perform hair transplant surgery, he started to specialise in hair transplants and capillary medicine which he practiced in Brazil, Canada and the USA before gaining certification in 2005 to undertake hair transplant surgery in Spain. He is also a licenced hair transplant practitioner in the UK.

The Panno Clinic hair transplant clinic team has been personally selected and trained in Dr. Panno’s method of follicular unit extraction, follicular unit transplant and body hair follicular unit extraction* to ensure the highest possible results and standard of service. The clinic’s minimally invasive treatments provide results that are healthy, natural and life-affirming.

Eager to share his hair transplant surgery technique with fellow doctors, Dr. Panno regularly holds workshops and lectures at universities throughout in Spain. He is also acts as a consultant for specialised clinics throughout the world and collaborates exclusively with Groupo Pedro Jaen of Madrid, one of the most prestigious dermatologists in Spain.

  • Follicular unit extraction: Hair follicles are harvested in naturally occurring follicular units of one to four follicles for transplant.
  • Follicular unit transplant: Transplantation of hair in naturally occurring follicular units.
  • Body hair follicular unit extraction: Hair follicles in naturally occurring follicular units harvested from the body.
  • Strip harvesting:  A strip of skin is removed and then dissected into individual follicular units.
Hair Transplant Specialist in Marbella

Hair Transplant Specialist in Marbella

Hair Transplant Specialist in Marbella

Hair Transplant Specialist in Marbella

Laura Krys

Laura Krys is the senior nurse at the Dr. Panno hair transplant clinic in Marbella Spain, where she is responsible for the day to day running of the practice, training the staff, liaising with English speaking clients and arranging non-surgical care.

Laura is a fully trained hair transplant surgery nurse, having graduated with a degree in Nursing from the University of Surrey in England. Since graduating in 2009, she has assisted Dr. Panno whilst he performs hair transplant procedures in Marbella Spain. She is a committed patient advocate and has a great level of experience and skill in FUT and FUE, and is a specialist in reconstructive surgery and eyebrow transplants. She is proud to assist Dr. Panno as he practices his pioneering techniques, to provide the most effective type of hair transplant surgery in Spain today.