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Are Hair Dyes Bad For Your Hair?

Are Hair Dyes Bad For Your Hair?

According to a recent research by the European Commission, 60% of women and 10% of men use hair dye. However,if hair dyes are not used correctly, they can provoke dermatitis, allergies and itching, among other adverse effects. Are these products safe, then?

According to current publications, dying your hair is not harmful as long as you take the correct precautions. For example, if you run a skin patch test before first use you will know if you are allergic to any of its components. Permanent hair dyes, which are the most widely used, have high concentrations of ammonia and hydrogen that can damage both your hair and your skin. They also include other substances, such as monoethanolamine and hydrogen peroxide, that can cause hair loss.

Hair dyes are not recommended for people with a very sensitive scalp, as their components can cause irritative dermatitis, followed by skin desquamation (peeling). They are not recommended neither if you have itching or irritation. In order to make a safe use of hair dyes, see below some useful tips:

– Always buy them at well-known stores, where you can check its components and data about the manufacturer.

– Use gloves when handling them.

– Do not use dyes that have expired or that have been opened. Avoid their exposure to the Sun and high temperatures too.

– Do not apply over an irritated scalp or with any other skin disorder.

– Do not trust false myths: pregnant women can use hair dyes, as long as they take the above mentioned precautions.

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