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Myth's About Hair Loss

Myth's About Hair Loss

You have probably been advised to avoid certain habits that can cause baldness or hair loss. Today we will analyse some of these "universal truths" that many people just take as they are and we will see how much reality there is behind them.

– "If you have a poor diet, you will lose hair." You may lose hair because of malnutrition, but it is actually very unlikely. Usually, diet does not have a direct impact on hair loss. It is true, however, that having a healthy diet will help us to have a strong and glossy hair, but in most of the cases it will not have any influence over hair loss.

-"If you use a helmet or a cap, you will have more chances of losing hair." This is not true at all, since these accessories are placed over the scalp, and they are not in direct contact with the hair roots. Therefore, they cannot have any influence over hair loss. We must also take into account that hair gets oxygen from the blood stream, not from external elements.

-"You cannot avoid getting bald." This is absolutely false. There is a solution for almost all types and degrees of baldness, just check with a professional to find the best treatment for each case. One of the most popular solutions among patients is hair transplant, but only an experienced professional with proper training, staff and technical equipment can offer natural and definitive results.

Hair Transplant with a professional

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