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Spanish Idioms Related to Hair

Spanish Idioms Related to Hair

Have a look at the examples below that we have compiled for you.

-"Tomar el pelo": to trick someone, to pull someone's leg.

-"No cortarse ni un pelo": to not hold back in an action, despite risking being ridiculous.

-"No gustar ni un pelo": to absolutely reject something or someone because you do not like it or you do not trust him/her.

-"Cogidos por los pelos": to sort something out at the very last moment, or that little thing that would have prevented a problem to be sorted out.

-"Ni un pelo de tonto": to be very expert in a given topic.

-"No tener pelos en la lengua": to speak frankly about something or someone.

-"No corre un pelo de aire": there is no wind at all.

-"Se le va a caer el pelo": a person that is going to be punished or sanctioned because of a bad action, to get in serious trouble because of that action.

-"A pelo": this idiom has different meanings, depending on the context. For example, it can refer to someone doing something dangerous without any protection at all; to have your head uncovered; to be completely naked or to ride a horse without a saddle.