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The Importance of Quality and Ethics in Hair Care Treatment

The Importance of Quality and Ethics in Hair Care Treatment

In countries like Turkey, hair transplants have been used as a way to attract tourists. These packaged holidays, covering a broad range of treatments at an extremely low price, not only put patients’ health at risk by not complying with agreed quality standards but they also severely damage the professional hair care sector.

What are the main reasons behind this boom in low-cost hair care treatments? The so-called ‘hair transplant tourism’ was created by a network of travel agencies linking several healthcare establishments offering these treatments, including also luxury accommodation. These initiatives have been partially successful thanks to local governments, who have been providing funds for their development for a while. With the only aim of getting an economic profitability, these activities are damaging the medical-surgical sector.

In Spain, for example, more than 6 million people are suffering from baldness. It is, therefore, a target market for many countries offering these medical tourism services. Costs of treatments are the main reason why people travel to these countries, looking for a cheap treatment without taking into consideration its value; not to mention the minimum medical guarantees they benefit from.

As regards treatments, most of them follow the same pattern: up to 4,000 follicular units are implanted using the FUE technique in one single session. Surprisingly, this is done in very few hours. However, hair transplant is a complex task that should not be done without an in-depth knowledge of each patient's needs. A natural result can only be achieved after long sessions of treatment, and particular attention must be paid to postsurgical treatment, which includes attending follow-up meetings with your doctor. Low-cost Turkish providers don’t include this follow-up.

We must all be aware of how important it is to choose the right professional before having a hair transplant done, as we can put our health seriously at risk. At MD Panno's clinic, we make an individual and comprehensive study of the patients’ needs. We are with them throughout the process, and we are always available should they have any doubts about the process and treatments.

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