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Hair Transplant Quality On The Rise, Research Finds

Hair Transplant Quality On The Rise, Research Finds

A survey made by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery reveals that 88.3% of women and 65.5% of men were not able to distinguish between a person who has had a hair transplant done and another one who has not needed this treatment. These data are a proof of the quality and advance experienced by current hair treatments.

The objectives of these study were getting a deeper knowledge of the social perception of hair loss and restoration within respondents and their ability to detect these type of practices. The sample, made up of a total of 595 people, was taken through an on-line questionnaire. It revealed that 88.3% of respondent women and 65% of respondent men were not able to distinguish between hair transplant patients and those not in need of this treatment. The study included four different pictures featuring people who had been under a hair transplant treatment and other individuals who were not under any treatment.

This type of research helps to show that hair transplant is a socially accepted procedure, accessible to people of any age, improving quality of life for many of them. The study also revealed other interesting data. For example, three out of five respondents (61.9%) stated that having more hair would help them to improve their career or find a job. Also, seven out of ten (71%) would exchange a personal treasure for having more hair.

Hair loss has direct effects and consequences over patients. As another research made on 2014 reveals, baldness causes anxiety, depression or irritation among patients, leading to a vicious circle, difficult to exit, as patients start isolating themselves from others.

The ISHR wants to show how progress made in science and technology, together with the quality of professional practitioners, have improved the quality of life of many patients, to such a degree that hair transplant has become a socially accepted practice, offering efficient and customised results for each patient.