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Are Forums About Hair Loss Reliable?

Are Forums About Hair Loss Reliable?

The low reliability of the forums on hair transplantation and alopecia 

Are you one of those confused people who have gone to a forum to find out about some aspect related to hair transplantation and alopecia? More and more Internet users are going to these digital platforms in search of information, to resolve doubts or get some contrasting positions on these issues when they first research for hair transplant surgery. But are these forums reliable to provide balanced information?

In the field of hair transplant surgery, the forums represent a dimension to be closely observed both by specialised clinics in hair transplantation and by hair transplant surgeons, since in them there are daily an endless amounts of information updated onto these sites.

There are many conversations in which sometimes there is no truth, transparency or reality. Even behind the emerging dialogues are hidden brands or other users with specific interests that distort the content and can cause confusion in patients who seek objective and sincere opinions in these forums.

A tip to guide you through the maze of choosing a hair surgeron 

In addition to always going to a specialist, when referred to any medical or surgical discipline, one of the best options to build a real vision about everything you want to know about hair surgery is one on one experience.

At the Panno Hair Transplant Clinic Dr. Panno we offer you the opportunity to get in touch with patients who have already had their hair surgery with Dr. Panno so that they will tell you first-hand experience with us and solve all your patient concerns.

Take the first step to combat your alopecia by requesting an appointment for a complimentary first consultation with the doctor.

Hair Transplant with a professional

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