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Hair Care Tips In Summer

Hair Care Tips In Summer

The summer is here! And surely you have already started enjoying some of the sun and beach and your hair has already begun to feel the effects of summer life. It is clear that some external factors that we inevitably expose to our hair in the summer - such as excessive sun exposure or the harmful chlorine in the pools - spoil the hair and cause it to lose quality and deteriorate. 

Tips to keep your hair healthy in summer

As specialists in hair care, we would like to tell you a series of tips so that your hair does not suffer so much in these summer months and you can overcome this season in the best way possible: 

1. Split ends: When you notice that the tips are damaged, you must cut it. The damaged tips are a sign of the beginning of hair cracking and if we continue in this path this cracking will eventually directly affect the hair fiber. 

2. Avoid heat application: during the summer months, when there are high temperatures do not use tools to dry your hair with heat, such as dryers, tongs or curlers. Ideally, let your mane dry in the wind and give it a break.

3. Protection: Just as we cover our eyes with sunglasses when it is too bright, our hair will also appreciate that we protect it from the sun with a cap, a scarf, a hat or a turban.

4. Hydrate: Did you know that hair is made up of 15 to 17% water? It is essential that in summer you drink lots of water, not only to keep your body hydrated, but also your hair, because like the skin, the hair is also dried and the heat dehydrates.

After the summer, if your hair has suffered too much and you notice that the consequences have taken there toll, we recommend that you go to a hair specialist, such as Dr. Panno, to be able to draw up a plan of hair regenerative treatments that return to your hair its natural appearance, its brightness and its beauty.

Hair Transplant with a professional

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