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Course on Hair Transplantation at the Medical College of Malaga

Course on Hair Transplantation at the Medical College of Malaga

The Málaga Medical Association 

June 29th was a very special day. The Medical College of Malaga held a theoretical session on hair transplant in which Dr. Panno had the privilege of sharing his knowledge and his experience with exemplary students and great professionals of medicine. 

The session was mainly focused on the use of the FUE technique, one of the most widespread in the field of hair surgery. After an introductory course on alopecia, phases and types, as pillars of a basic training on hair transplantation, the students were able to listen to Dr. Panno talking about more technical and practical aspects.

During this extended session he also emphasised the importance of the experience of a surgeon as key to the success of any intervention for his expertise, experience and training, as in any other medical discipline.

Another message that Dr. Panno transmitted to the students is the possibility of the patient to request informative consultations with the hair surgeon to resolve doubts or concerns and not to go to the forums on alopecia and hair transplantation as sources of information as this can confuse.

Teaching and Dr. Panno 

Dr. Panno, one of the best hair surgeons in the international scene, teaches in prestigious universities and workshops in national and international associations, so he has great skills as a communicator and as a teacher of students who are being trained in this discipline.

hair transplant

Last February we also participated in the Master of Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Cordoba and, in the remainder of the year, Dr. Panno will come back to live new chapters in his facet as a teacher.

Hair Transplant with a professional

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