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Welcome To The New Dr. Panno Clinic

Welcome To The New Dr. Panno Clinic

Opening of the new Dr. Panno Clinic

Recently, we were pleased to announce the opening of our new Hair Transplant Clinic, specially designed by Dr. Panno, to perform Hair Transplant exclusively. In a fantastic and privileged setting, the Clinic continues to offer our patients an unbeatable location in Marbella, an excellent city of national and international tourism.

State-of-the-art technical equipment, technically advanced surgical equipment

As the go to man in the field of hair transplantation, working in a space designed specifically for this task is very rewarding, since each area of more than 300 m2 of the clinic is designed to care for the patient and offer the latest treatments and techniques to finish deal with alopecia, lack of density or hair loss among others.

new hair clinic

The Clinic has been equipped with the most advanced medical equipment for hair loss treatment, being enabling us to practice all the techniques of hair transplant (FUE, FUT, BHT). In addition, we have the most modern facilities and futuristic decoration and avant-garde architecture. In addition to our specialised treatments for hair loss prevention and alopecia care, we have a large team of highly qualified, trained and personally selected professionals by Dr. Panno, who daily make our patients feel accompanied, offering the security that brings extremely professional treatment. Ensuring at all times that your hair transplant is a peaceful, pleasant and without any restlessness or discomfort.

new hair clinic

Dr. Panno is widely recognised for the results of his cases, has been awarded for excellence in his work and professional career with more than six international awards. He is also chairman of the Evaluation Committee of The Mane Project, a joint initiative to bring reconstructive hair transplant surgery closer to patients who need it.

Hair Transplant with a professional

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