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Each Patient Requires A Design

Each Patient Requires A Design


One of the basic principles that defines the difference of Dr. Panno and the rest and makes him, one of the hair transplant surgeons of reference of the international scene, is the personalised and individual treatment of each patient. Each hair transplant requires background analysis work by the doctor in which, among other things, a hair design is made that is key to the intervention and that must be approved by the patient before the beginning of the surgery.

What to take into account for the design of the first line

The first frontal line for both men and women, is one of the most common areas on which hair transplants are performed. Thanks to the practice of Dr. Panno and the use of state-of-the-art instruments and the use of advanced techniques hair surgery, make the results a success.

To design a hair transplant in the front line

The following aspects must be taken into account: 

The rule of the thirds: to begin the marking, Dr. Panno is guided by the so-called rule of thirds. This consists of dividing the face into four proportional parts to have a reference of where the forehead should begin.

The phenotype of the face: in addition to the previous step, and the importance of looking natural in the final result, Dr. Panno takes into account the traits of the patient. For example: if the patient has round features, a rounder face will have to be made. The musculature of the forehead will also be taken into account for the design.

The density: should be as similar as possible to the actual density of the patient, especially in the first centimeter. You can also reach the first centimeter and a half or two centimeters, depending on the curvature of the patient's head. From here, the density may be lower, as it was before the hair transplant to always seek the greatest naturalness.

hair transplant

After the intervention, it will be fundamental to follow up on a postoperative medical treatment to guarantee the excellence of the results, as well as the care of the treated area.

Hair Transplant with a professional

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