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Body hair transplants (BHT)

Body hair transplants

This is an outpatient treatment that can be done under local anaesthetic in one day. Rather than taking hair follicles from your head, this method transplants hair follicles collected from either your chest, back, arms, legs or even your face.  The follicles are removed gently whilst the area they will be transplanted into are prepared.

Dr Panno’s specialist hair transplant surgery technique uses exceptionally small incisions to transplant up to 3 hairs at a time following your natural hairline and direction of growth. This method leaves virtually no scar and at the same time effectively increases the density of your hair. Once the process is complete you’ll be given some medication and aftercare instructions for the next few days.

This hair transplant surgery technique is ideal if it isn’t possible to use follicles from your head and is often used to increase hair density in beards, moustaches, eyebrows and to cover scar tissue.

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Body hair transplants (BHT)

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