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Female Hair Transplants - FUE

Hair Restoration Surgery

FUE Technique

Dr. Panno will carry out this type of hair transplant procedure while you’re under local anaesthetic and sedated as an outpatient. The most obvious difference is that this method requires shaving a small section of hair to expose healthy hair follicles to be used in the hair transplant. Once the hair has been shaven, the hair follicles are harvested using a small cylindrical scalpel and transplanted in groups are around 3-5 follicles. Just like the FUT, the hairs are grafted following the natural hairline and growth pattern to provide a completely natural end result. You will be able to go home the same day, after you have been given the required medication and aftercare instructions.

Benefits of the hair restoration surgery FUE

  • This hair transplant procedure leaves no scars and  you will be able to wear your hair short
  • It is possible to graft up to 1500 follicular units can be harvested in one day
  • Ideal for small cases, adding density, covering scars and eyebrow restoration

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