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Female Hair Transplants - FUT

Hair Restoration Surgery

FUT Technique

Advanced hair transplant surgery techniques used by Dr. Panno mean that the procedures are completely painless and are carried out in one day as an outpatient. Under sedation and a local anaesthetic, mini clusters of 3 to 4 hair follicles are harvested from the scalp and by using a special "tricholphytic closure" suture, the scar will not be visible - even in the shortest hair. This is achieved by making very small incisions (less than 3mm) along the natural hair pattern, so that the hair transplant surgery leaves you with a completely natural finish. Then before you go home, you'll be brief on how to care for the affected area and given the necessary medication. Simple, quick and no one will see the scar - just new hair!

Benefits of the hair restoration surgery FUT

  • Invisible scars mean you can go straight back to work and continue your social life without anyone knowing you've had a transplant
  • No need to change your hair style, the donor site and graft areas will be undetectable
  • Up to 4000 grafts can be transplanted at one time
  • Affordable
  • Only need wait 9 months before your next procedure

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