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I-brow – The future of brow technology

Restore your eyebrows

Forget about semi-permanent makeup, I-brow is revolutionary treatment designed to restore eyebrows back to their former glory. It doesn’t matter whether your eyebrows are over-plucked, shaved or thinning naturally, you can have dense and beautifully shaped eyebrows.

Dr. Panno has developed a unique procedure that combines FUE hair transplants with microblading. The process delivers real hair and perfectly shaped – whether you prefer bold, arched or straight brows - using a fine blade to deliver tiny strokes of pigment (micro-pigmentation) to create a natural long-lasting solution.

The transplant is permanent and the micro-pigmentation will last up to 12 months, so you can even change your brows to keep up to date with the latest looks. Never worry about your eyebrows again.

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