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Marbella hair transplant specialist Dr. Panno invents new scar-free technique

Great news if you're losing your hair, Marbella based hair restoration specialist Dr. Panno has invented a breakthrough procedure called the 'trichophytic invisible suture', making hair transplants a quick and painless process, with no visible scarring. You can wear your hair short and go straight back to work and resume your social life with very little recovery time.

This pioneering method has been delivered by Dr. Exequiel Panno, originally from Argentina, is a specialist in capillary medicine and hair transplants and over the last 14 years has perfected the technique, allowing him to offer a new generation of hair transplants, with less down time, scarring and discomfort.

Highly esteemed in the medical profession for his expertise in micro hair transplants, Dr. Panno is also credited as the inventor of the 'tricomplete' technique which uses a combination of surgical techniques such as follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplants (FUT) and medical treatments like platlet rich plasma therapy (PRP) and mesotherapy, to encourage new hair growth and to improve the condition of both the original and newly transplanted hair.

As a leader in his field working with a hand-picked team of professionals, Dr. Panno works as a consultant for some of the world's most prestigious medical establishments and also offers no-obligation personal consultations at his clinic in Marbella.

Dr.Panno explains that he works with some of Spain's top dermatologists and medical professionals in his quest discover the best possible hair restoration solutions. He says, "There are many types of alopecia and causes for hair and when it happens it can be devastating, so it's vital to develop new and improved hair restoration techniques which are ultimately more cost effective, convenient and also provide natural life enhancing results."

Marbella hair transplant specialist Dr. Panno invents new scar-free technique