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Hair Restoration Clinic - Anti Alopecia Regeneration

Anti Alopecia Regeneration

You don't need to wait until you're losing your hair to take step to keep it healthy and abundant. Dr. Panno hair transplant clinic in Marbella Spain has developed effective treatments designed to stimulate the hair follicles to promote growth, stop the hair falling out, increase shine and volume.


Minoxidil is a lotion available in several different strengths and is designed to promote new hair growth. Ideally it should be provided by a doctor who can assess your needs and prescribe the correct dosage. Dr Panno can help advise you on how to use this treatment for the optimum results together with certain vitamins that can be absorbed through the skin. It is administered to your scalp on a daily basis and is used to treat both men and women with pattern baldness.  You will need to continue using the treatment in order to retain any new hair growth.


Similarly, Finesteride needs to be taken daily and is administered in tablet form this is only available from a registered doctor. It is prescribed to treat hair restoration in men and works by preventing testosterone from converting into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and thereby prevents hair follicles from shrinking then eventually falling.

This is a long term treatment which can take several months before you see the benefits and you could lose any new hair growth within 12 months of stopping the treatment.

Platlet rich plasma therapy (PRP Therapy)

Dr Panno’s hair transplant clinic in Marbella Spain also offers non-invasive medical procedure suitable for both men and women who are experiencing hair loss. Although a relatively new technique in hair restoration, it is an established method of treatment in neuro, oral and cosmetic surgery and in treating sports injuries, which works by harnessing the growth factors and mesenchymal stem cells present in blood.

In simple terms, you will need to give a blood sample ready for the PRP to be separated and extracted. Then the concentrated cells with growth factors will be injected into your scalp in the affected area to stimulate growth. The process can be undertaken at regular intervals throughout your treatment.

Fastheal (advanced platlet rich plasma - PRP)

This treatment is employed mainly intra or post operatively to encourage skin healing using a combination of BioCollagen and platlet rich plasma, taken from your own blood. The collagen is completely safe and offers the most effective method of activating the PRP so it can release their valuable growth factors. It works by rebuilding the dermal frame, promoting cell growth and improving circulation to speed up your recovery and help your scalp heal faster. It is mainly used in conjunction with the FUE surgery to reduce stress on the existing hair and to encourage quicker healing from the area where your hair follicles were harvested.

Hair Restoration Clinic - Anti Alopecia Regeneration


The affected area of the scalp is treated with a series of tiny injections to administer hylarohnic acid, vitamins and amino acids. Applied locally, these injections reinforce the results of Dr. Panno's other treatments; prevent hair falling, thicken native and transplanted hair, hydrate the scalp and promote hair growth.


These are a combination of specific amino acids, elements vitamins and other natural compounds taken orally which give the hair and scalp all it needs to be healthy. It's ideal for women and people who are sensitive to Finesteride.