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Hair Transplant - FUE Techniques

Hair Restoration Surgery

Similar to FUT hair transplants, FUE is carried out under local anaesthetic as an outpatient. However, unlike FUT which is invisible and doesn’t interfere with your current hair style, FUE requires shaving part of your head to expose the healthy hair follicles that will be used in the transplant. The hairs are then taken from the bare skin using a tiny cylindrical scalpel and grafted in clusters of up to 3 hairs following your natural hairline, growth pattern and orientation.  You’ll then be issued with aftercare instructions and medication before you go home.

 Benefits of follicular unit extraction hair transplants

  • This hair transplant technique can only be carried out by qualified surgeons like Dr.Panno
  • No scars after the procedure so you can wear your hair short.
  • Up to 1500 follicular units can be harvested in one day, which is good for small cases, adding density, covering scars, sideburns, beards and eyebrows.

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