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The Mane Project

MD Panno becomes the president of the Assessment Committee for Charity

Hair Transplants and invites other clinics to join The Mane Project

The programme is addressed to people with poor economic resources, who cannot access hair transplant surgery treatments through the private health system.

MD Panno is an authority in hair transplant procedures, with 7,000 successful treatments throughout his career. His vast experience has enabled him to successfully handle burns, surgery scars, feminization and similar issues.

MD Panno has been providing charity hair transplants for several years. However, in 2016 he wants to go one step further in his commitment with medicine and he wants to make guaranteed charity hair transplants available to people needing them. The creation of the first National Valuation Committee is the first step towards this aim.

The Committee is made up of recognised doctors and health professionals, and its main task will be assessing which patients will have a reconstructive hair transplant surgery done on a priority basis. The Committee will also supervise these transplants.

The Mane Project

Who are the members of the Assessment Committee of The Mane Project?

These are some of the hair transplant professionals that are members of the Assessment Committee of this programme:

  • MD José Miguel López Ibor, psyquiatry and neurology specialist and founder member of Spanish Biological Psyquiatry Society.
  • MD Leandro Martínez, dermatologist specialized in Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Dermatological Laser. Head of the Hospital Xanit International Dermatology Unit.
  • MD José Luis Lancho, Human Anatomy and Neuroanatomy Professor at Cordoba University. Master of Aesthetic Medicine Director at UCO. 
  • MD Carlos de Sola, specialist in Digestive Apparatus Medicine. Head of Humanline Banus Hospital.
  • Mr. Antonio Flores, lawyer specialized in Civil Law.

Thanks to reconstructive hair transplants, patients suffering from baldness due to sickness or accidents will be treated with the pioneering techniques developed by MD Panno. They will also benefit from the care and knowledge of his experienced team, who will do their very best to improve the patients’ quality of life, help them recover their self-esteem and smile again.

There is no doubt Dr Panno and his team finds it extremely rewarding and their objective is to encourage other clinics to join the programme, thereby creating a national charity network for hair transplants.

The first patient of this campaign was Juan Luis Farrais, a young man from the Canary Islands who knew the initiative through social media and who now has seen his dream fulfilled with the completion of his last surgery, culminating in his reconstructive journey.