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Traction Alopecia Treatment For Women

Traction Alopecia

Unlike other types of hair loss traction alopecia can be avoided by simply being kinder to your hair. Hair extensions, cornrows, hair pieces, headbands, tight plaits, ponytails and pigtails, regularly using rollers or simply pulling your hair can result in traction alopecia, which literally means that your hair is being lost due to traction.

Quite often if you spot the warning signs such as thinning hair around temples and above your ears and sometimes in patches around the crown (depending on the cause of the problem) you can prevent any further loss.

If the hair follicles have been under intense tension for a long period of time, it won’t grow back. In this instance, Dr. Panno can use the latest hair transplant surgery techniques to cover the affected area.

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Traction Alopecia Treatment For Women
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