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Tricomplete Hair Transplant Surgery

A new hair restoration surgery

Dr Panno hair transplant specialists has developed a pioneering method of high density grafting suitable for treating severe cases of alopecia, using a combination of surgical and medical treatments resulting in more hair in a shorter space of time.   

This service is tailor made to suit your requirements using a combination of techniques including FUT and FUE which involves harvesting a huge amount of hair follicles and grafting them to the problem areas over a period of two to three days. In addition, when you undergo a hair transplant procedure in Marbella Spain, will use a number of non-invasive treatments such as mesotherapy and PRP to strengthen your current hair and to increase growth rate, volume and shine to both the new and original hair. When you choose this type of hair transplant surgery we can include VIP care packages which includes;

• Monthly monitoring and restoration treatments

• A Tailor made combination of treatments

If you would like to restore your hair to its former glory by undergoing a hair transplant procedure in Marbella Spain, call 952 586 286 today for a personal consultant and quote.


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